"Euphoric Spirits" by Damiano von Erckert

"Euphoric Spirits" by Damiano von Erckert

Producer: LARJ

Any moment can crash your emotional state of mind.
You are looking for help. You can’t find it with-inside of you. A Diamond shines twice a day. The night can be day and vice versa. We love you, no doubt. Our friends love you too. Do you love yourself? A Zebra is not a unicorn but is still unique. Who are you to tell us We can’t do it?


Women are strong and full of love and positive energy. This life is a gift and you should genuinely use it. Read a book. Internet TV connects your brain to something not valid; remember that. We still love you. You are beautiful. Come with us to hidden spheres and find your inner voice.
Shock, Projection, Ideals, Sorrow, Disaster, Fundamental, Weak, Strong, More, Less.

We love you. Follow us to the planet of our inner fears, and we do magic. It will become another planet. Together forever. We love you.

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