"Hypercall EP" by Black Spuma

Almost six years after their first collaborative release, Robert Johnson Club’s resident, as well as one of the label’s mainstays, Phillip Lauer teams up again with Slow Motion Records’ label head Fabrizio Mammarella as Black Spuma. On behalf of their fifth release to date, Lauer and Mammarella set their studios controls up for a Hypercall into an Italo sonic past and their futuristic sounds.

From A1 Station to Station, Lauer and Mammarella get into business right away, as the first handful of sequences unfold their crafty Italo House fireworks. Laser beams and stretched sounds meet bass Arpeggios as, after the first breakdown, a piano riff slowly unfilters amidst portamento pads.
A steady Tambourine and beat kick off A2 Transpork, in which the main theme consists of a shiny and arpeggiated sawtooth chord progression, layered with a laid-back melody laid on top and and some reverb FX at the end.
B1 Miracoli relies on a bouncy bassline along a flat-out Eighties Kick Drum, alternating and squelchy synth figure. Drum rolls fast-forward you into a miraculously driving, yet slightly melodramatic Italo sound set with guitar-riff- and mangled vocal samples.
At the end of this EP, B2 Data Life enters sonic space on a magic synth carpet ride, propelled by a booming 808 Bass Drum, Rim Shots, and Bells, with Black Spuma encoding their Data into a modulated metallic-sounding Arpeggio.