Judenhass Underground - Book

Judenhass Underground - Book

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Judenhass Underground by Nicholas Potter and Stefan Potter

Nobody wants to be anti-Semitic. Especially not in subcultures and movements with a progressive, emancipatory self-image. But hatred of Jews also goes underground - whether rappers against Rothschilds, DJs for Palestine or punks against apartheid. BDS, the boycott campaign against the Jewish state, wants to hijack almost every issue, from class struggle to climate justice. Well-known myths reappear in alternative forms, at Pride demonstrations, at the Documenta, or in remembrance of the terror of Hanau. And many Jews ask themselves where their place should be in such scenes.
An indictment followed by a discussion. Critical, but constructive. And above all in solidarity.

Stefan Lauer is an editor at Belltower. News, the journalistic platform of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, and deals with anti-Semitism, racism, and the far right - also as a speaker for the foundation. Between 2009 and 2017, he worked as a senior editor for VICE Germany and reported on right-wing extremism, conspiracy narratives, and LGBTQ* issues.
Nicholas Potter is a British-German journalist who works for the Amadeu Antonio Foundation in Berlin. He writes for various media outlets such as taz, Jungle World, and Belltower. News and Jüdische Allgemeine on the far right, anti-Semitism, racism, subcultures, movements, and more. He was previously the theatre editor at Exberliner Magazine. He studied at King's College London and Humboldt University in Berlin.

2023, in German language.
Gatefold brochure, 252 pages.
ISBN: 978-3-95565-615-7

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