"Lemonade Fizz EP" by Johannes Albert

"Lemonade Fizz EP" by Johannes Albert

Producer: LARJ

Summer's gone for sure but why not get back a bit of that summer feeling by having a delicious lemonade fizz? Frank Music label head honcho Johannes Albert comes to the rescue with four splendid recipes.

Lets start right away with »Lemonade Fizz« where Johannes manages to put the ingredients needed for refreshment just in the right balance: Glasses clink while the bass drum pays a slight homage to Manchester's all-time heroes New Order and dancers are driven straight to the floor again by that menacing yet subtle siren.

Listening to »Dorschd« aka thirst feels exactly like the title suggests: You're on the floor, dancing, sweating and desperately yearning for a drink: You want more and you can't stop drinking as soon as you've put that glass to your mouth - yet this yearning feeling stays with you while getting back on the floor.

»Wimbledon« is pure enthusiasm. Johannes dominates the game like no one else. It's fast and cheery building up to a rousing climax: Game, set and match.

After such highs it feels just right to join Johannes for »Laurenzi Blues«, the melancholic wistful closing track of this beautiful 4-track EP - Johannes Albert's first for LARJ - but hopefully not his last.

Now let's have another drink.

Artwork by Jana Marei.

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