Lifesaver 5 Compilation - Tell Me Something Good - Bundle

Lifesaver 5 Compilation - Tell Me Something Good - Bundle

Producer: LARJ

 Lifesaver 5 Compilation - Tell Me Something Good - Super Sound Box + Shirt

25 years! So many stories, so many feelings, so much drama, so much love, given and taken! It’s time we just want to say thank you! Thank you to all our artists, beloved friends, the Robert Johnson crew, Stefan Eichinger aka Lopazz, our friends from Kompakt, the team at Matter of Fact, Chris Rehberger of Double Standards, Tobias Becker, and all of you dancers, friends, steady supporters. So let us raise our voices in celebration of Robert Johnson Club and its indelible mark on the world of electronic music. Here's to 25 years of passion, creativity, and "something good" that will echo through the ages for generations to come.

Adana Twins Ali Schwarz Alinka Benjamin Fröhlich Boys’ Shorts Cinthie Cromby Current Location Curses Cyrk DC Salas DJ Oyster HCL Innere Tueren & Map.ache Irakli Jennifer Touch Jorkes Kadosh feat. Tony Y Not & Common Occupation Kalexis Laura BCR Lea Llewellyn Ludwig A.F. Lydia Eisenblätter Man Power Mano Le Tough Massimiliano Pagliara Maya Evers Michael Mayer Moderna & Theus Mago New Hook Odopt Oskar Offermann Panthera Krause Peter Invasion & Gregor Habicht Rebolledo RKJVK Robert Dietz Sexy Lazer Shubostar Skelesys Speaking Minds

Lifesaver 5 Compilation - Tell me Something good 
Super sound box with 5x12" vinyl records plus gadgets.

Screen printed shirt, limited due to demand.

Including download codes for all 42 tracks.
Strictly limited.

PRE-ORDER!!! Lifesaver 5 Compilation will be out around the end of July/early August.

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