"Lush Life EP" by Superpitcher

"Lush Life EP" by Superpitcher

Producer: LARJ

Life At Robert Johnson is a natural home for Superpitcher, and this two-tracker shows his sense of belonging.

Lush Life featuring vocals by Fantastic Twins was inspired by Corsican polyphony, an epiphany after a church concert though as ever with Superpitcher, simplicity is multi-layered: the track itself could be a trip back to the golden (rave) days of deep electronic US house à la François K, dubby yet peacefully driving the ecstasy home. No religious gospel euphoria though, the lyrics are a pagan hymn to Eventide presets. You can’t take the geek out of the schatzi.

Diario stretches its 10 minutes in a misleading laidback groove: Sueno Latino languid clichés are blown away by a smoothly unforgiving acid line. This is a trip, not a journey, a trip dedicated to the young raver in all of us and to a friend too soon departed. As Pasolini said in the poem of the same name: “That’s why I've never abandoned happiness, that’s why in the anxiety of my sins I’ve never been touched by real remorse. Equal, always equal, to the inexpressible at the very source of what I am”

In loving memory of Georges “Sugar” Chaulet.
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