"... man war ja auch noch jung." by Christian Gesellmann

"... man war ja auch noch jung." by Christian Gesellmann

Tip! A book designed by our LARJ in-house graphic designer Tino Schmidt (studio mizuiro):

More than 30 years of subculture, system transfer, social work in #EastGermany and the question: How many stories fit between two club doors? In 1990, the Kassablanca in Jena was founded out of a working group of the New Forum. To this day, "das Kassa" is one of the largest small clubs in the country. The book consists of conversations with people who shaped the Kassa - and were themselves shaped by this club for life. For example, Carsten Müller, once a bouncer, now head of the cultural office in Jena. Or Ingrid Sebastian. The pediatric nurse was monitored by the Stasi. After reunification, she became a squatter and bartender at Kassa. There she wrote concepts that still shape the youth social work of the city of Jena today. Or the musician Oliver Jahn. First his father was deported from the GDR, then his girlfriend, then he himself. In Berlin, he fought with the German-Turkish Antifa on the streets against Nazis. Later, as a social worker, he went mountain climbing with them. Today he organizes the festivals in Jena.

Idea and concept Christian Gesellmann.
Graphic Design: Studio Mizuiro
Voland&Quist, Berlin, December 2022.

Paperback 16 x 23cm.
German language.
320 pages.