Sloth by Lynxes

If you dare. Lynxes completes with Sloth a smattering of releases on the Berlin-based label. Vacuum is set in dark environs and picks up raving energy quickly with multiple layers dedicated to the iridescent journey before the unexpected breakthrough that longs for a ride into the unknown. Distress follows steadily with ace tones and a punching clout that guides along the path. Alerting strikes of lightning will make your blood run cold along the right lines on Coping. Lydia Eisenblätter, head of Leipzig’s OAM records and figuring prominently within the German techno scene, turns to the end with a Distress remix on a fast and floaty acid track. Hang in there!  

100% up-cycled vinyl.
Artprint on foil by F+H Siebdruck, Maintal.
Limited Edition of 100.


Sloth by LynxesSloth by Lynxes