Yes, that’s right - better believe your eyes. In collaboration with Christian Rothe, who has accompanied us as a photographer at Nachtdigital for many years, we have compiled a selection of his countless Nachti photos into a book.
The photos capture in an artistic and sometimes funny way what we have been about all these years: enthusiasm, friendship and love for music. With this book, Christian catapults us directly back to Olganitz, in the middle of nowhere.
It is a lot of fun to flip back and forth between the photos and reminisce about our sorely missed Nachtdigital. It’s balm for the soul and makes you think back to fulfilling summer days. However, we don’t get involved in glorified romanticisation, but celebrate with the photo book what makes us happy: the attitude to life of an entire generation that has found its common denominator through love of electronic music. Nothing more, but above all nothing less.

268 pages.

24 x 32.5cm.